GMP Vitas® 500 mg Natural Super Maca from Peru 120 Capsules

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As a dietary supplement, adults take (1) one to two (2) capsules daily preferably with a meal or as directed by your professional physician. 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Oh Yeah!
Written by Salvador L. Lee on 6th Dec 2019

Forget the YMCA and go with MACA. This stuff really works! My girlfriend has noticed the difference in our love-life. If she's pleased, I'm pleased! Thanks GMP Vitas.

Written by Daniel E. Leff on 13th Sep 2019

Haven't felt this great since high school. I could not believe that after a couple of months, after taking the suggested daily amount, that I would be doing the things I've been doing around the house. My wife no longer needs a handyman, she's got me! Thanks GMPVITAS

don't feel sleepy in the daytime now!!!
Written by Daniel W on 28th May 2015

It's good that I don't feel sleepy in the daytime now! and it definitely has helped with boosting energy, particularly with my libido. Yes I will recommend this supplement.

Good Quality and Product!
Written by Laura on 6th Apr 2015

It’s been a year after my hysterectomy and I have become very tired and very emotional throughout the days and my doctor prescribed me hormones. I followed through until now and I feel that it doesn’t make me feel better; it just maintains my situation which I do not want. So I ordered this and I must admit the first dosage of this made me a very happy person. It’s been a few months now that I have been eating this (I strictly follow suggested usage) instead of the prescribed pills, and just this itself gave me more energy than I could’ve ever imagined for a not-so-strong body. But along with this, I try my best to eat healthily and do my daily laidback exercises. As of now, I have not changed any of my routine because Maca is the one that changed my lifestyle completely to the one I have dreamed of having after my surgery.

Natural energy
Written by Bowen on 18th Feb 2015

As an older athlete, Maca has definitely been the right choice for me. I wanted something natural to enhance my schedule in life and also my training routines so that I can have a boost in energy. So far it has been subtle and very effective. I started with 3X a day, and now 2X a day because I found two a day already gives me the effect I need. I find myself to have better energy and moods throughout the day. Definitely a rebuy in the future!

Written by Randall Au on 17th Jan 2015

I have been using this product for about 4 weeks now (twice a day after each meal) and I can really see the difference! I used to constantly be tired even though I slept early, but now I can do my chores more efficiently, doesn’t matter at work or at home, I felt the energy in me to be able to complete whatever I needed to accomplish before the end of day. I think that Maca really improved my libido also. The biggest advantage for me would be that I can finish my work at the office and that I am able to go home and still have the energy to play with my pets.

Product is ok
Written by Kzz on 4th Jan 2015

I took this for a few months and I have to say it completely relieved my menopause symptoms such as cramps. However, it also gave me too much stamina that I couldn’t fall asleep like I used to.

Highly effective
Written by S. Nguyen on 2nd Dec 2014

Easy to swallow, simple to take, very effective, and easy on stomach. I took maca to see if it was able to take away the sever hot flashes that occurred every hour for me, and it really did after about 2 weeks! So far I’ve taken it for 4 months and still no signs of any side effects.

Energy Lift!
Written by Stephenie on 23rd Nov 2014

I have been taking this for weeks, 2 pills daily after breakfast, 1 after dinner, and noticing a good improvement in mu energy level!! It is definitely worth the money i paid for!

Great customer service
Written by Frank TTS on 19th Nov 2014

customer service guy is helpful and knowledgeable, also price is not bad. Will see how it works on me.

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